DCarbon Device

What you will get


Contributions identified as 10-25-50-75-100-125$ will get a proportional chance to receive a FREE DCarbon product based on the amount donated PLUS an equivalent discount applicable to buy a DCarbon product after the distribution of the first 50,000 units.

Contributions of greater value, 200-1000-5000-10000$ will receive one or more DCarbon products PLUS an equivalent discount of 99$ per product to buy DCarbon product after the distribution of the first 50,000 units.

ALL contributors who will share the DCarbon project on Facebook will receive an additional credit of 30$. Just go to www.dcarbondevice.com to register yourself and share the project!

ALL contributors will receive a recognition letter by e-mail for their contribution to the manufacturing start up of large quantities of the DCarbon Environmental Product and the creation of a great popular WORLD movement of eco-care by vehicle owners.

It is a win-win situation for EVERYONE and the environment.

IMAGINE A POSITIVE CLIMATE CHANGE with less toxic pollutants like HC, CO, and NOx produced by millions of vehicles WORLDWIDE using DCarbon!


  • Smog Buster Supporter = $ 10
  • Aware Smog Buster = $ 25
  • Concerned Smog Buster = $ 50
  • Active Smog Buster = $ 75
  • Committed Smog Buster I = $ 100
  • Committed Smog Buster II = $ 125
  • Certified Smog Buster = $ 200
  • Level I Smog Buster Promoter = $ 1000
  • Level II Smog Buster Promoter = $ 5,000
  • Level III Smog Buster promoter = $ 10,000

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