DCarbon Device

Scientific Support

OUR promise is that the emissions that cause serious health problems for humans and which are caused by the incomplete burning of fuels while producing HC (unburned hydrocarbons), CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxides) are reduced or completely removed at the exhaust pipes of the engine vehicles by the improvement of the fuels combustion produced by DCarbon.

We have obtained scientific support and passed many test confirming the DCarbon product is save for human and improve AIR quality at the exhaust pipe of Gas engine vehicles.

Among these realizations we obtain also the support of the Canadian engineer Mark Porringa,www.zeroptech.com, who wrote that the technology that supports the DCarbon product to improve fuel combustion is a scientific and technological revolution comparable to the adoption of electricity more than 100 years ago.



We also got performed several validations by external specialized firms in Broadband electromagnetic field levels, energy efficiency and emission measurement in accordance to the standards for these tests, here are some examples:



The most stringent East European standard for the very low frequency band is 25Volts/meter or 3,310 microWatt/cm2. By comparison, the WHO (World Health Organization) standard for general exposure is 11,530 microWatt/cm2.  DCarbon device for gas engine produce at 0.1 microWatt/cm2 at a distance of 1 cm.

We conducted a demonstration WITHOUT any danger to the life of a little hamster who participated and was able to continue his healthy life. All aimed to demonstrate that in the gasoline vehicle tested, toxic emissions such as CO and HC were reduced to ZERO with DCarbon product for gas engine less than 6 liters.



Below are some images of the internal cleanliness of an engine that has driven with the product DCarbon for several years, you can draw your own conclusions.





A Chilean engineer, certified as ISO 50001 auditor testified in 2012 about the improvement of the fuel combustion efficiency with the DCarbon product.



WE also obtained excellent results during tests conducted in Mexico in 2011, according to the international standard for vehicle manufacturers EPA FTP 75.



TOGETHER we can…REALIZE A POSITIVE CLIMATE CHANGE with less HC, CO, and NOx produce by millions of vehicles WORLDWIDE using DCarbon !


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