DCarbon Device

DCarbon Impact

Air pollution created by more than 1 billion vehicles is a global curse that affects the health of all the world’s inhabitants.

Knowing that worldwide vehicle fleet will take at least 15-20 years to change and become 100% ECO-Responsible…What can we do collectively NOW.

TOGETHER we can MAKE A POSITIVE CLIMATE CHANGE by using the DCarbon technology on millions of vehicles WORLDWIDE and therefore producing less toxic pollutants like HC, CO, and NOx!



To illustrate the fantastic potential of the DCarbon product to reduce the emissions of  toxic and mortal Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions, we will use as an example a City where 1 million gas engine vehicles are in circulation, each covering an average of 10,000 miles a year.



Based on EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) records, in 1950’s, the emission standard for carbon monoxide (CO) was 87 gram per miles. In comparison from 2015-2019 the future USA California emission standard is at a maximum of 3.4 grams per mile (during a vehicle lifetime of 50,000 miles?).

Using this most recent legal limit for Carbon Monoxide (CO) in our city of 1 million gas engine vehicles, this group will emit 34 millions kilograms of toxic and mortal CO in the AIR per year, and up to 170 millions kilograms over 5 years. WE CAN DEFINITELY have a better life WITHOUT THIS!



TOGETHER we can…MAKE A POSITIVE CLIMATE CHANGE with less HC, CO, and NOx produced by millions of vehicles WORLDWIDE using DCarbon !