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Dcarbon Device

Bye Toxic Emission on Gas Engine vehicle with the revolutionnary DCarbon Electronic Device!


The product DCARBON is the result of 10 years of applied research and development of more than 2500 gasoline and diesel. All applications DCARBON are the exclusive property of the company Industries ROGIL inc.  Since 2014, a version fully optimized for gas engines with a capacity of less than 6 liters is available.

The DCARBON product contribution is about the ENVIRONMENTAL short and long term performance of your engine. In fact it is a very profitable investment based on his lifetime of more than 10 years as it can accompany you on several vehicles and extend sustainable living. Therefore, this product has a unique ENVIRONMENTAL contribution both at the protection of exhaustible resources as its contribution to the AIR QUALITY, for the health of the planet and humans in general.

 We recommend that you take some results on toxic emissions and fuel consumption of your engine before installing the product DCARBON so that you can more easily measure all the benefits. This product passed successfully an EPA FTP75 test in Mexico at the CIITEC laboratories.

  We invite you to send us your testimonials by letter or email at info@dcarbondevice.com


 ipnEPA FTP 75 successful test in CIITEC Mexico laboratory




The DCARBON product is a wave generator designed to improve fuel combustion, reducing harmful emissions, improve engines efficiency, ensure a constant self-cleaning of the internal parts of engines and their mechanical subsystems such injectors, cylinders, pistons, valves, oxygen sensors, catalysts, and the muffler.

The device DCARBON produces and emits continuously a specific frequency driven by the antennas. These waves are extremely stable and do not interfere with the mechanical, electronic or electrical systems.

A field is created as a harmonic of the resonance frequency of hydrogen bonds in the fuel, thus improving the energy content, thus enabling the improvement of the combustion efficiency.


  • Reduce toxics emission (HC + CO) up to  100% *!
  • Improves engine performance!
  • Improves the internal engine cleanliness!
  • Improves catalysist efficiency!
  • Quick and EASY installation!
  • Re-install it on your next similar engine!
  • Life time of 10 years and more!
  • Manufactured in Canada!
  • 100% RISK free!



  • Electronic military specifications
  • Thermal radiator
  • Rectifier of negative et positive current
  • Power supply12 volts
  • Automaticdetection and protectionoflowvoltage(12.5volts)
  • Detection andAutomatic overheatprotection
  • Operatingconditionsin the majorityofvibration,humidity,heat or cold.
  • Size of the housing: 12,5 x 5 x 2,4 cm.   (5 x 2 x 1 po.)
  • Operating Temperature: -30 à 120 Celcius  ( -22 à 250 Farenheit)
  • Weight  : 0,68 Kilogramme (1,5 livre) (Sizes dimensions and weight may vary)

Description of components provided

  • 1 DCARBON device
  • 2 large PVC attachments
  • 3 small PVC attachments

* We do not repair engines in bad conditions

After having installed and tested DCarbon, we invite you to send us your testimonials by letter or email at info@dcarbondevice.com


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